International Collaborations

International Exchange Partnerships strengthen to Double Digits

Faculty and students of GIM now have more opportunities to participate in International Consulting Bootcamps, Study tours and various other events of Global exposure.

  • GIM provides you with an excellent, contemporary learning experience anchored in a strong Indian setting that prepares you for a career in today's interconnected global corporate world
  • The international linkages are designed to provide an opportunity to GIM students and faculty members to get a global exposure as well as facilitate foreign students and faculty members to experience GIM and India

Student Exchange Program Stories

Student Exchange Program Stories

I got to work with a diverse group of International students!

“The program really helped me in understand and explore international concepts of marketing. I could interact with students and mentors who brought global business expertise through their work and experience.”

Harsha Malik | PGDM 


Amir hossain

Cross cultural diversity helps you grow!

“I worked on assignments with team mates from Germany, Croatia, Tunisia and Portugal. We not only worked on presentations but also exchanged ideas & cultures. Each one of us had something unique to say and discuss. I am really glad i got this opportunity.”

Amir Hossain| PGDM 



An exhilarating experience!

“Talking to a person of a different culture can inspire a sense of discovery and wonder. This program has helped me grow, learn and build memories for a lifetime”

Kartik Ahuja | PGDM


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  • HEM Morocco
  • Kansas Univ
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  • American university Bangladesh
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